What is Platforma?

Platforma arts and refugee network supports and develops arts by and about refugees.

It brings together groups and artists of any background or political status (e.g. refugees and non-refugees), whose work examines the varied experiences of refugees both before and after they arrived and settled in their host country. We hope that the quality and diversity of the work presented within the Platforma project will encourage new audiences to relate more closely and empathically to the experiences of refugees.

What does Platforma consist of?

The main elements of the project are the website and two national events (in 2011 and 2013) – different ways of bringing together, showcasing and promoting the work of relevant agencies and artists. Platforma is also supporting the development of regional networks and hubs, which are involved in developing and promoting related activities, managing relevant sections of the website and contributing to the development of the national events.

Who runs Platforma?

Platforma is developed in partnership between Counterpoints Arts (formerly Partnership for Arts and Refugees, including Refugee Week) and Oval House Theatre, and is supported by The Baring Foundation and Arts Council England.

The project is coordinated by Tom Green (Platforma Coordinator), who works closely with Almir Koldzic (Co-Director, Counterpoints Arts) and Stella Barnes (Director of Participation at Oval House).

Counterpoints Arts is a hub of creative projects by and about migrants and refugees. In addition to Platforma, its projects include Refugee Week and the Simple Acts campaign. Oval House has a long history of providing arts opportunities for young refugees and asylum seekers and of collaborating with exiled artists.

North East Regional Hub – contact Adam Collerton at

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