Intercultural Arts & StepUP!


Intercultural Arts is a development agency for culturally diverse artists and the sector in the North East of England, and It’s website is an information resource for artists and cultural professionals. We are a charity set up to help people from other cultures who are looking to work in ‘the Arts’ in the North East of England. This could be people creating art, people who want to develop as arts professionals, or people who want help setting up a group to support and promote artists within their community.
We give support to large organisations in the North East of England who want to understand the needs of minority communities, and programme artists and performers that these communities would enjoy.
Our vision is to contribute, as advocate and catalyst, to the development of the North East as a vibrant region where the strength and diversity of its communities are valued, visible and dynamic, actively enhancing the richness of its cultural and economic life.


StepUp! is committed to generating a quality and inclusive two-stranded platform for continued development and reach of the North East diverse arts sector, plus an engaging platform for artistic development. The activity will be galvanised by participation from mainstream and diverse arts organisations, venues, studios, artists and community groups.

StepUp! has two strands:

1. Xchange:

Taking place at various inspiring, weird and wonderful regional places, sites, and venues. The Xchange ‘project-club’ platforms for peer-to-peer artist skill-sharing, mentoring, critique, networking and CPD will encourage artistic collaboration and ownership with artists from ALL backgrounds and all artforms, advocating an ethos of diversity, equality and inclusivity.

2. Regional forum for intercultural arts:

Who we’d like to attend: Arts organisations, cultural venues, studio groups, educational institutions / projects, local authorities, artists and individuals or organisations wanting to join in the conversation for positive regional sector development for diversity within the North East arts and cultural sector. Our definition of diversity encompasses responding to issues around race, ethnicity, faith, disability, age, gender, sexuality, class and economic disadvantage and any social and institutional barriers that prevent people from participating in and enjoying the arts; mirroring the Creative Case for Diversity.

Click HERE for the latest information and invite to the September 24 Regional Forum at BALTIC 39

There will be 4 regional forums taking place across the region which will continue to grow partnerships by uniting networks of artists, organisations, studios, venues, educational institutions and local authorities. The forums will deliver strategic symposia, working groups, seminars and workshops from September 2012 – August 2013. They will seek to improve quality and participation opportunities, while catalysing collaborative sector development co-steered by partners. With a focus on sharing information we aim to enrich engagement between arts practitioners and organisations.

The forums will provide organisational and sector development, creating opportunity with Intercultural Arts’ strategic artistically-driven aims, and aims to further develop the sector by adding value to the activity with growing partnership support. There will be clear and transferable dialogues between the StepUp! Xchange events and the regional forums.

StepUp! is made possible by support from Arts Council England and is produced by Intercultural Arts

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