Robert Maseko and the Congobeat

Robert Maseko is a music master, music maker, singer songwriter, producer, arranger, music teacher and an outstanding Congo- British, master drummer. The Congolose rhythm king of the North of England, from Kinshasa, now lives in Middlesbrough and described by the Musicport Festival as “one of the finest ambassadors of African music based in the UK”, performing countrywide with his band The Congobeat.
He was nominated ‘African Ambassador par Excellence’ and invited to join a band called The Roots of Africa, to tour worldwide representing African Music and Arts. “This has always been an important part of my music, that it is not just for dancing, performing and recording, but is also educational. My music speaks out, telling the truth about the many disturbing issues of today.” In 1993 he moved to Johannesburg with the Kwasa Kwasa Stars and played alongside Papa Wemba, Kofi Olomide and Hugh Masekela. Over the years he has also performed and recorded with Youssou N’dour, Frank Leppa and George Benson.

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