Ah’freee aka Radikal Queen

Ah’ freee aka Radikal Queen is a poet, storyteller, creative outlaw of outrageous folklore.

She writes songs and works with rhythm and sound to create pieces that astound and has a polemic that confounds any and all attempts to pin it down. Ah’freee calls on the timeless Legends of African Ancestry – she comes from a tradition that spins tales and weaves Myth from the Universe much as one would tease silken yarn out of Wool….

RADIKAL QUEEN weaves lyrical MASTERPIECES to CONSCIOUSLY provoke and entice the audience into a DIFFERENT REALITY…………………..The WORDS are an INSPIRED foreground, the varied THEMES are a startling backdrop and HER VOICE a rich, RESONANT evocation of the BEAUTY OF AFRICA……………………… RAW and NATURAL, RADIKAL QUEEN revels in the MYSTERY that allows her to deliver IN THE PRESENT, seemingly direct from the ANCESTORS, what she, and the audiences, LOVE TO HEAR.

Ah’freee also works within the community, with the people, as a coach and trainer in theatre, writing, composition and performing arts. Groups have included young people, vulnerable adults and people with disabilities. The approach is practical and hands-on, with a view to developing individual creativity.

Contact: freeebeing@yahoo.co.uk Mobile: 0740 24 87 163

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