Peter Kayode Adegbie


Peter Kayode Adegbie a Bachelor of Science, Zoology graduate of the University of Ibadan enjoyed a fulfilling career in the television industry before serving as a Christian Missionary in East and Central Africa. He came to the North East with his wife and business partner in 2003 to study for a MA in creative writing at Northumbria University and has since headed a series of projects.

This included the Changing Perspectives cultural participation programme in 2007, which evolved into a multimedia archive documentation of African families living in the North East of England.
He later launched community interest company Culture Parade to organise exhibitions by artists, craftspeople and businesses, to showcase the North East’s diverse cultural mix by urging communities to share their arts, literature, drama, fashion and cuisine.

Peter is Senior Pastor at Sunderland Chapel of Light.

He has published three books including a poetry collection.


When will my change come?
I wait; my prayers go to sleep like dust
in the sun. My tongue is a dry riverbed, I smell the coat
of my soul dog-eared and leathery reeking of labored sweat. I cling
to your promise and you teach me by the things I see in you. My heart
yearns to attain your truth that envelopes and molds me like clay. In the
mirror of morning, I am a reflection of your ideals my needs are gone and
my prayers turn into overflowing praise of what I have become in you.

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