Unsung Sheroes & Heroes of Afrikan Heritage – Exhibition at Dynamix

Unsung Sheroes & Heroes of Afrikan Heritage: Dynamix Skatepark Gateshead, has been celebrating the lives and achievements of sheroes and heroes of Afrikan heritage, giving context and inspiration for the work of artists and activists engaged in challenging racism today.
An exhibition (lead curator Layla Gaye) will run from 16 November to 31 May at Dynamix – see http://www.dynamixcic.org/unsung/
and includes large-scale murals portraits of Afrikan heritage people by artist Dreph, as well as rotating art installations, projections and educational panels bringing to light less known stories. Please share
From 13-16 November, Ghanaian-born London-based artist D’sane Neequay Dreph will be painting large scale murals. There will be an opportunity to meet the artist and for him to share his approach and practice with other artists/aspiring artists. Dreph has been painting since age 12, and his work has taken him around the world, but his work has recently been picked up and celebrated by the UK media, following a series of large scale murals he has painted around London, depicting women of Afrikan/Afro-Carribean heritage who are making significant contributions to their communities.
There are many opportunities for students and other young people to get involved with the exhibition, and with the project as a whole, including various workshops. Check out via the website. Entrance to exhibition and related events is free.
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